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Greeting from the CEO

I believe that unless we try, it is very difficult to tell the success or failure of a bio-venture business. As a bio-veture, we can carry out research in more challenging fields that big pharma may hesitate to initiate. Our research focuses on miRNAs, whose working and regulatory mechanisms have not yet been well-understood. By exploring the activity and functions of miRNAs in various pathological processes, we aim to provide new solutions for treatment of incurable diseases and regenerative medicine.


Teruo Susumu   Ph.D.


Company Name

aceRNA Technologies, co., ltd.

Representative director

Chief Executive Officer Dr. Teruo Susumu

Outside directors

Prof. Hirohide Saito (Vice director of Center for iPS cells Research and Applications, Kyoto University)

Dr. Nobuhiro Yagi (Kyoto University Innovation Capital co., ltd.)

Date of Estabilshment 

April 2018


Innovation Hub Kyoto, 46-29 Yoshidashimoadachi-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8304, Japan

Tel. number


Number of staff

5 people


5 Nov. 2019

Successfully obtained Series A Funding!

30 Jul. 2019

Recieved the 'hosei-monodukuri' grant-in-aid.

28 Jun. 2019

Commenced sales of RNA Switch reagents for cell purification.

19 Dec. 2018

Recieved the 'Kigyounomori・Sangakunomori' promotion for business grant from Kyotosangyo 21.

9 Nov. 2018

Successfully obtained seed round funding!

27 Sep. 2018

Recieved the reseach & development grant from MitsubishiUFJ Technology Development Foundation.