We believe in the potentials of microRNAs

We are going to contribute to regenerative medicine and drug discovery through exploration of active microRNAs.



Our Philosophy: 

We commit ourselves to contribute to the fields of regerative medicine and drug discovery through exloration of novel funtions of microRNAs.



img20200708171927182994.pngWhat is RNA Switch technology? img20200616113126068449.pngRNA Switch for cardiomyocyte purification: CM purifier new_pitch_presentation_kh20200204.pngCustom synthesis of RNA Switch screening.pngRNA Switch Library and HTP Screening platform for disease-related microRNAs




We are a bio-venture originating from Kyoto University.

aceRNA Technology, co., ltd. was established in April 2018 in order to apply the RNA Switch technology, which was developed by Prof. Hirohide Saito (Center for iPS Cells Research and Application, Kyoto Uni.), to the fields of regenerative medicine and drug discovery. To set up the business, Prof. Saito teamed up with Dr. Teruo Susumu (our CEO) and Nobuhiro Yagi (KYOTO-iCAP), both of whom have extensive experiences in big pharma and venture capitals. Our office is located in Innovation Hub Kyoto on the campus of Kyoto University. Apart from Dr. Susumu, our team currently consists of four research scientists and an office clerk.