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What is RNA Switch?

'RNA Switch' is a synthetic messenger RNA (mRNA) which contains two major functional sequences: 1) a complementary sequence to a specific miRNA and 2) a sequence encoding a fluorescent protein or apoptosis-inducing factor. By introducing RNA Switch into cells, the activity of a certain miRNA can be visualized and quantified as fluorescent signals or can induce apoptosis in the cells lacking the miRNA of interest. 


CM purifier: RNA Switch for cardiomyocyte purification

CM Purifier is a RNA Switch with the complementary sequence for cardiomyocyte-specific miRNA (hsa-miR-208a) and cDNA sequence of an apoptosis-inducer.
By using CM purifier with puromycin-resistant mRNA, it is possible to remove non-cardiomyocytes and non-transfected cells from cardiomyocyte population.
CM Purifier enables cardiomyocyte purification/enrichment without the use of antibodies and FACS.


Custom synthesis of RNA Switches

You can pick and mix a miR-complementary sequence and a reporter/effector gene to make your own RNA Switches. We can make RNA Switches complementary to any human miRNAs  listed in miRBase (version 22.1).

High-throughput screening platform for disease-related active miRNAs using RNA Switch library

We have constructed the RNA Switch library which contains GFP-reporter type RNA Switches against almost all known human miRNAs (approx. 2650 miRNAs, without duplication). Adaptation of the RNA Switch library for a high-throughput screening method enabled us to systematically analyze the active/inactive state of a large number of miRNAs in living cells. We aim to utilize this screening platform for the discovery of novel druggable miRNAs.